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KineticDog is announcing our ninth annual Winter Wonderland Workshops February 17-19 and 24-26 with MEB, Jessica Ajoux, Perry DeWitt and Rachel Sanders.  These workshops will be held at Orchard Hills Dog Training in Barto, PA.  The site is indoors, heated on Sprinturf. 



Workshop Schedule – CLICK HERE


Workshop Descriptions – CLICK HERE





Registration opens as follows:

February 17-19 workshops open on Wednesday January 4 at 8am EST

February 24-26 workshops open on Thursday January 5 at 8am EST


Please note that at both of these links, you will enter your name and e-mail address.  You will need to re-enter your e-mail address to confirm it. When you submit this page, your entry will be time stamped and your spot will be saved in the queue for 15 minutes. You will need to complete your registration during that time in order for it to be valid. You will automatically be redirected to complete the registration.  Therefore, I ask that you PLEASE take your time with your registration to ensure it is correct.  Due to the number of registrations received, I cannot guarantee corrections emailed afterwards.


February 17-19 Workshops - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


February 24-26 Workshops - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER




$135 working spot half day workshops (limit 8 working spots) / $50 half day auditing (unlimited)


Workshops are no frills