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KineticDog Seminar/Workshop

Event Policies

· Video Policy:

You may video tape your own dog and only your dog at this seminar for your own personal use. If you are taping an instructor's comments or feedback regarding your dog, you may not post these comments to the internet on any forum or website, including but not limited to: your own site or blog and other video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You may not forward or duplicate any comments on instruction to you. You may not under any circumstance, or for any purpose, videotape instructor demos, lectures, their personal time working their own dogs, etc. Any violation of the above policy will result in immediate dismissal from the event and/or will render you ineligible to attend any future KineticDog, LLC training events.


 Payment Policy:

Payments can be made by credit card, EFT, PayPal, Venmo or check. There is a surcharge as follows for EFT, credit cards and PayPal as follows:

PayPal & Credit Card:
Auditing spots - $2
Half day spots - $7

Full day spots - $14

EFT payments will have a flat rate of $3 regardless of transaction amount.

Overpayments of the surcharge will not be refunded.

An invoice will be sent to you when you are accepted to the seminar with further payment instructions.  After acceptance into a training event, you have 7 days to cancel.  If cancelation is not received within 7 days, you will still owe payment in full unless your spot can be filled.


   Refund Policy: 

Cancellations will receive a refund ONLY if your spot can be filled.  Refunds will be granted as follows:

Cancelation within 7 days of acceptance to event - Full refund

Cancelation from 7 days through 72 hours prior to event - 90% refund
Cancelation within 72 hours of event - 70% refund

You may not transfer your working spot to anyone else unless there is no one available on the wait list and you have the permission of KineticDog, LLC.


· Bitches in Season:

Bitches in season are allowed to participate in the event provided that she wears pants at all times while in the rings and on equipment.


· Multiple Dogs:

You may work up to two dogs.  Your secondary dog must be of equal or higher level than your primary dog.  You may only work ONE dog per exercise.  If you want to work both dogs on every exercise, you should register for two working spots.


· Release of Liability:

I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in dog training activities with KineticDog, LLC. I am aware that there are inherent risks and hazards involved with and around dogs, and I am voluntarily participating in the activities with the knowledge of these potential dangers. I am not relying on KineticDog, LLC to prevent such occurrences. In order to participate in KineticDog, LLC training classes, demonstrations, or other activities, I, being fully informed of such risks and hazards, agree to assume ALL RISK OF SUCH OCCURRENCE. 

I hereby waive any and all claims or actions I or my guardians, representative or assigns may have against KineticDog, LLC and agree to release KineticDog, LLC from liability in any and all personal injuries to myself, my dog, children in my charge, or harm to property causes directly or indirectly by any acts that might occur in conjunction with dog training classes, or other activities. I also agree to assume sole responsibility for injury or damage caused by myself, children in my charge, or by the dog I own or handle during participation in KineticDog, LLC classes, events and activities and further indemnify, defend, and hold KineticDog, LLC harmless from any damage, loss, liability, or expense, including legal costs and attorney fees, which result from damage caused by myself, children in my charge, or the dog I own or handle.