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Photo by KD



Zack was my first border collie and I got him because someone told me I wouldn't be able to handle a border collie since I didn't have any formal dog training experience.   Well, if you know anything about me, I am a stereotypical stubborn Irish woman, so if you want to get me to do something, and do it well, just tell me I can't do it :) Zack was the poster child for why border collies don't belong in novice homes.  He was very high drive and extremely motion sensitive.  In group agility and obedience classes, he very much wanted to chase other dogs.  However, he ignited my passion for dog training.  My first obedience instructor told me that Zack would have driven most people out of dogs altogether, but I was crazy enough to go out and get another one less than a year later (and Zack's half sister no less!).

Zack never had much of an agility career.  He had hip dysplasia and bilateral TPLO surgeries.  Due to his high drive, he was never very careful with his body, and it was hard to keep him sound.