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I feel like Fizz was the first dog that I had that I could do everything right with from the start.   Fizz was a definite gift in that she is very athletic and very biddable.  She was brilliant at a very young age.  She was a USDAA Grand Prix finalist before the age of 2 and earned her ADCH before the age of 3.  She was a member of the IFCS World Team in 2006 and 2008.  In 2006 she made 6 trips to the podium earning 3 gold medals (including the team triathlon), 1 silver and 1 bronze.

At the age of almost 7, Fizz had a litter of 6 superb puppies, affectionately known as “the Fizzlets”.  I feel so blessed and lucky about this litter that I am not sure if I can ever breed again.  I was lucky enough to have 6 healthy puppies, in fabulous homes and had an easy experience with the whelping process (well for the most part).

LAA Platinum
ADCH Platinum
TM - Platinum
ATD - Accomplished Tournament Dog