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E-Z is certainly my 'easiest' dog to live with. She is a dream to travel with and to have ringside while I am teaching. She lays quietly watching, but is right there willing to demo when needed. She gets along with all people and dogs and I usually take her everywhere with me on my teaching assignments.

However, as far as agility was concerned, E-Z's early days were not quite so easy.  She was not quite as biddable as Fizz was in terms of jumping and turning and I certainly was not used to such a long strided, big jumping dog. E-Z is not one of the "pony" large border collies, but she certainly doesn’t know that. She jumped BIG in her first few years. She taught me that not all dogs fit into cookie cutter methods and you need to find what works for you and your dog. I needed to find a different way to do things with her, which led me to Linda Mecklenburg and the Awesome Paws Handling System (APHS). With a lot of retraining of E-Z's jumping and turning, as well as a retrain of my handling on APHS, E-Z is now a joy as a partner. She has earned her ADCH and has been a USDAA Grand Prix and Team Tournament finalist. 

LAA Bronze
ADCH Bronze
TM - Platinum