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There are 3 rings at each camp, all of which are indoors. There is a matted indoor area in the red building in which working dogs and quiet non working dogs can be crated. Only working dogs can be crated in the green building due to space limitations.

Baby pools and a hose will be provided for dogs.

Water and crystal light will be provided for campers during camps and workshops.  Be "green", please bring reusable water bottles.

Keurig K cups will be available for hot and iced coffee and tea.  Bring your own snacks.

In addition to you and your dog, you'll need the following at camp:

  • Chair
  • Notebook & pen
  • Drinking water for your dog
  • Lots of treats and toys for your dog
  • Crate for your dog or expen if you choose to crate indoors

In addition, to maximize everyone's learning we ask that you bring a good attitude and an open mind!