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All of our Summer Camps are held at Orchard Hills Dog Training in Barto, PA

Orchard Hills boasts the following:

  • 18,000 sq ft metal framed building with Sprinturf, holds 1-2 rings for camps
  • 15,000 sq ft metal framed building with Sprinturf, holds 1 rings for camps
  • Primarily Launch the Dog ( agility equipment

 Some information about the facility relevant to camps:

  • Neither of the buildings is air conditioned.  
  • Camps will be held 2 rings in the green building and 1 ring in the red building.
  • Non-working dogs are welcome to attend camp.  However, only working dogs are permitted to be crated in the green building.  Non working dogs may be crated in the red building or campers may bring their own shade tents.
  • In the heat of the summer all of the doors to both buildings will be open and there may be openings in the buildings to the outside. I.e., the buildings are not fully enclosed.  The property is remote and is not close to any roads.
  • There are also at least 2 rings adjacent for all camps. Dogs that are highly distracted by other working dogs are not well suited to our camps.