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KineticDog is hosting Winter Workshops with Jessica Ajoux and Perry DeWitt.  These workshops will be held at Orchard Hills Dog Training in Barto, PA.  The site is indoors, heated on Sprinturf. 





Registration opens to the public on Wednesday January 20 at 8am


IMPORTANT: Pennsylvania is currently requiring that travelers entering PA from other countries and states, as well as Pennsylvanians who are returning home from other countries or states, have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to entering the Commonwealth.  If this requirement is still in place at the time of camp, you will be required to send proof of a negative COVID test as detailed above before camp.




Friday February 12, 9am-1pm


Super Skills in Drills – Jessica

You trained your skills... now it's time to put them in action! This workshop is designed to further your training while working through these sequences. The focus is about the testing training you have already done and quality of the skills, not just the handling and "getting it done." The sequences will offer opportunities for many different skills. A previous Super Skills workshop is recommended but not required.


Distance – Perry

Being successful at agility is not always about "running fast"... it's about giving the dog the information it needs in a timely manner and training them to be able to do it regardless of your position. The focus of this workshop is to improve teams' communication at a distance. Using sequences, you will find out what your dog can do, what needs improvement and how to handle your dog from a distance.


Friday February 26, 9am-1pm


Puppies – Jessica

Fun puppy stuff…. needs no further description.  No prerequisites or age limits


Either/Or – Perry

Do you and your dog understand the cues to give when he has multiple choices on which obstacle to take or which direction to approach or exit a jump or tunnel?  Perry will work with you on short sequences offering choices, EITHER this one OR that one.  Dogs should be at least 8 months old and be sequencing jumps and tunnels.





$135 working spot / no auditors

Limit 8 working spots


Workshops are no frills