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KineticDog is hosting our eighth annual Winter Camp with instructors Mary Ellen Barry, Jessica Ajoux and Perry DeWitt. What a great way to ward off the winter blues! These camps will be held at Orchard Hills Dog Training in Barto, PA.  The site is indoors, heated on Sprinturf. 


We are starting out with announcing and opening two handling camps for the weekend of February 18-20. Announcements regarding offerings for the weekend of February 25-27 will be made after registration for weekend one is completed.  It is possible that February 25-27, weekend two, will be filled from the waitlist of the weekend one.

EDIT: Offerings for the Feb 25-27 weekend will NOT be identical to Feb 18-20.  If there is an extensive waitlist for the first weekend of camps, those people may "possibly" be offered spots for similar sessions on the second weekend.





Camp is now full with an extensive waitlist. We are currently taking only registrations for auditing spots.


Registration  Click Here to Register




Sequencing Camp: 2/18 (full day) and 2/19 (am)


Handlers will learn how and where to apply different handling options using shorter sequences.  Contacts and weaves will not be included.  Dogs should have a solid start line and should be sequencing 8-10 obstacles consisting of jumps and tunnels (full height jumps not required).  Dogs and puppies 8 months and older are welcome.


Participants will spend a half day with each instructor 



 Coursework Camp: 2/19 (pm) and 2/20 (full day)


Handlers will be put to the test working on technical courses.  Courses will consist of about 20-25 obstacles and will be the equivalent of the highest level seen in the US.  Dogs should be 18 months or older, proficient on all obstacles, and should be able to complete USDAA Biathlon, UKI Masters/Champ, AKC Premier/ISC level courses.


Participants will spend a half day with each instructor 



Costs/Payment Info:


$395 working spot (limit 24 working spots) / Auditing spots $40/half day (limit 5).  


All camps and workshops are no frills, bring your own lunch and snacks.


You must register and pay for the entire camp.  There is no sharing of camp spots and no partial camp spots will be available unless spots are still available after February 1.