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October Workshops 

Announcing the following workshops Friday and Saturday October 16 & 17.  

Location is Orchard Hills Training Center, Barto PA (indoors on Sprinturf)

All workshops are limited to 8 participants.  Cost is $125 for a working spot.  Workshops are no frills.

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Teeter Training (Oct 16 AM) 9-12:15

We will work on various stages of teeter training such as:

  • 2 tables
  • Bang game
  • Elevator game
  • Jump on/off
  • Offer movement of board
  • Teeter teach “it” – new apparatus developed by Mary Lou Hanlon of “hit it” board fame

No prerequisites


Start Lines (Oct 16 PM) 1:30-4:45

Teach your dog a reliable stay with a verbal release word.  Learn how to teach your dog to happily offer position and stay until you release him.  My method is different than most others out there as I focus on dog’s understanding of the release vs. dog understanding how to “stay”.

No prerequisites


Short Sequences (Oct 17 AM) 9-12:15

We will work on short sequences of 4-8 obstacles featuring jumps and tunnels only.  Perfect for young dogs!

Dog should understand how to perform basic techniques on jumps and tunnels.


Coursework Featuring "In" Side of Jumps (Oct 17 PM 1:30-4:45pm)

Longer sequences featuring various “inside”/threadle challenges.  The focus of the workshop is on sequencing 10+ obstacles and the dog should already understand the inside of a jump.  However, I will work with you with whatever level you are at.