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KineticDog is thrilled to be hosting Marko Mäkelä from Finland on April 9-14.  He is also judging our UKI trial on April 12-13.  This promises to be a jam packed week filled with fun, learning, competition and lots of great agility. The workshop and the trial will be held at Orchard Hills Dog Training in Barto, PA.  The site is indoors on Sprinturf. 


Marko is judging at the 2024 UKI US Open and the 2025 World Agility Open.  For more about Marko -





Registration opens to the public at 8am, Thursday, March 21


Marko Mäkelä Workshops Registration



Teenagers – Exchange Students – International Skills for Young Dogs (Full - Waitlist available)

Tuesday April 9, 2pm-6pm

This session is suitable for dogs with value for jumps & tunnels. We will work short high level skills and drill sequences, with an international flare. This session will aim to give you the skills and understanding of how to build solid understanding in your dog to allow you to progress to working longer high level sequences and international style courses.



Extreme Skills – Sequencing of US Open / WAO / FCI level Skills (Full - Waitlist available)

Offered Twice!

Wednesday April 10, 9am-1pm

Wednesday April 10, 2pm-6pm

This session is exactly what the title says.... Skills to the Extreme!! During this session you will work on short sequences designed with extreme skills built in. Learn how to analyze these challenges to handle with success and learn how to develop the skills needed to master the extreme skills presented!  


Coursework - (Full - Waitlist Available)

Thursday April 11, 9am-6pm

This session will include working through full size courses, with full strength challenges! During this session the focus will be on learning to understand and analyze lines within a full course, with the aim of understanding the full picture. Teams will get to work full courses, and if needed, breaking skills down, with the goal of developing the skills and understanding needed to master any level course.

Suitable for teams completing all agility equipment.


Course Design and Lines Lines Lines! - Spots available!

Friday April 12, 10am-2pm
During this session we will have an analysis on Marko’s design process using an example course. When designing, Marko strives to prioritize the lines on his course, keeping the course safe and appropriate for the level.  His goal is to make the lines fluent and beautiful throughout the course creating rhythm and fun for both dog and handler.


This session could be useful for judges, instructors, competitors, and anyone else who's interested in learning more about course design and lines.

This is a lecture / presentation format.  There will be no dogs.


Young Dogs  (Full - Waitlist available)

Sunday April 14, 9am-1pm

This is also geared to towards dogs in 10-12 months (or more) age range, but this workshop differs from Teenagers!  This workshop will focus on putting together more basic sequences and building obstacle focus and drive.



Course Design & Lines - $125 per person (unlimited)



Half Day - $180 working spots (Limit 8 working spots)

Full Day - $350 working spots (Limit 8 working spots

$50 auditing spots (unlimited)


Workshops are no frills.