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Coursework Camp

Wednesday June 15 2-5:30 & Thursday June 16 9am-5pm (Working Spots Available - as of 6/13)

Saturday June 18 1:30pm-5pm, Sunday June 19 9am-5pm (Working Spots Full)

Instructors: Mary Ellen, Jen and Rachel

Registration: Opens Monday May 2, 8am EDT


ParticipantSpot Registration


Auditing Spot Registration


Handlers will be put to the test working on technical courses.  Courses will consist of about 20-25 obstacles and will be the equivalent of the highest level seen in the US. 


Prerequisites: Dogs should be 18 months or older, proficient on all obstacles, and should be able to complete USDAA Challenge, UKI Masters/Champ, AKC Premier/ISC level courses.


Participants will spend a half day with each instructor. 


You must register and pay for both days of camp. There is no sharing of camp spots and no partial camp spots will be available unless spots are still available after June 1.


Limit 24 campers (8 per group)

Cost: $395, auditing $95/day