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Coursework Camp – 2 dates offered:

June 25-27 (Monday-Wednesday) -  Working Spots Full

July 6-8 (Friday – Sunday) - Working Spots Full


Instructors - June 25-27: Nicola Giraudi, Jen & Rachel

Instructors - July 6-8: Mary Ellen, Jen and Rachel



Participant Spot Registration - 3 Day Camp

Auditing Spot Registration

One Day with Nicola Giraudi



Working spot - $625/3 days - 1 Day Spots $225

Auditing spots - $125/day

Auditing early bird of $100/day if registered and paid in full by June 18

Lunch is not provided at camp.


Camp Hours: 9am-5pm



This camp will put you through the paces with full coursework of a technical nature. Sessions will include group discussions of handling options, as well as running the courses. Courses may be broken down and/or run in their entirety. You do not need to complete the entire course during your turn.  Students will be given equal time on the floor and may work at their own pace. Dogs must be proficient on all equipment and able to handle longer sequences and coursework. This camp is open to all dogs running at a Masters and/or International level.


This camp is limited to 30 dog/handler teams per camp. 


Students will spend 1 full day with each instructor.


Prerequisites: Handlers should be familiar with OneMind Dogs terminology and methods.